Telstra Connect

A centralised home for your enterprise services

Managing your enterprise services should never get in the way of your business. That’s why we’ve created Telstra Connect - a digital home to view and manage your Telstra business and enterprise products and services in one place.


Telstra Connect – a digital home for your enterprise services

Telstra Connect will keep growing with your feedback, so you get what you want from it. We’ll add new apps and features quickly and improve existing ones.

Telstra connect is evolving to become everything you've asked for. A digital home for your enterprise services. Over time and with your feedback you'll be able to do all of this and more. Sonya and her team are busy IT professionals, they don't have time to wait on hold on a call. Telstra Connect is here to help.
“Much easier already isn't it, Sonya?”

Adding new users is easy, giving them either admin or general access, which then allows Sonya to distribute work to her team with a few button clicks. She can manage users in her team by selecting each user and editing their details and permissions.

Generating and viewing new quotes is easy too. Sonya can connect to the IPS portal to inquire about a product's price, create a product basket, can generate and view a quote for a new product or service. Submitting requests is just as easy. For example, Sonya can raise a request to inquire about bandwidth utilization or soft configuration changes. Filling out the form and adding an attachment if required. She can also track her requests and see any comments or attachments added by Telstra.

Sonya can quickly log an incident and track its progress without having to call an agent. She selects new incidents, she can add or edit an attachment at the creation or life cycle of the ticket, as well as viewing and tracking her incidents in the one place. She can also close the incidents at any point if she made a mistake or if the service has been restored.

Sonya can easily see a summary of upcoming, in progress and completed plan network maintenance activities, and easily find them by filtering the page and the details of these activities which are impacting her products and services. She can also inform Telstra of a maintenance event planned by her company by selecting create maintenance event.

Each month, Telstra Connect updates with the latest invoices and keeps a history of the last 13 months invoices. You can filter based on company and billing accounts and download your invoices with a simple click. Help us make Telstra Connect the best it can be. Telstra, at your fingertips, Telstra Connect.

Key features

A platform designed for you, by you

Telstra Connect offers simple, fast and efficient management of your most important IT infrastructure – your network.


Simple, integrated and easy-to-use self-service functionality for transparent access to key business metrics and information.

What can I do with Telstra Connect?

Over time, Telstra Connect will become your single digital channel for all your interactions with us. If you see something here you don’t have yet, contact your Account Executive to find out more.

Manage my incidents

Simply manage your incidents without the need to call or email Telstra. Submit and manage your incidents, follow our progress fixing the issue and communicate with us quickly to get more information.

Request to change Telstra services

Easily raise new service requests via a simple-to use web form and view and track the progress of all open service requests.

Monitor my network performance

Track and monitor your planned maintenance events in real-time.

View and download my bills

Download bills for all your products and services. You have historical access to the past 13 months of invoices, see when they were issued and the total amount due.

Generate and view quote

Enquire about a product’s price, create a product basket, and generate and view quotes for a new product or service.

'How-to' Guides

Getting started

Request a callback

Now is the time to benefit from a simpler way to managing your enterprise services, by talking to your Account Executive.

Things to know:

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