Cyber Detection and Response by Telstra and Securecom

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Global Scale, Local Insights

Global security threats transcend borders, and in today’s digital era geographic isolation offers minimal shelter.  Consequently, New Zealand’s cyber threat landscape is intensifying, and organisations face a common conundrum: how to
achieve a global state-of-the-art security posture in a cost-effective manner. 

Telstra and Securecom have partnered to introduce a best-in-class solution which draws from our combined strengths.

Our Cyber Detection and Response (CDR) solution offers New Zealand businesses high-touch local delivery that’s attuned to their in-country requirements, and is backed by the scale, threat knowledge and world-class capabilities of Telstra’s Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and services.


Global Scale from Telstra Local Market Insights from Securecom

•       Best-in-class and holistic Managed Security Services platform

•       Local and global intelligence

•       24x7x365 redundant globally relevant Security Operations Centres

•       Exceptional security experts, considered one of Australasia’s largest
cyber defence teams

•       Ongoing innovation and investments

•       Strong track record as a trusted Managed Security Solutions Provider
in New Zealand

•       Mature security portfolio, specialising in MDR and EDR

•       Intimate local service delivery for fast response

•       Expertise in providing actionable mitigation and remediation services

•       Incident response and post-detection support

Extensive support network

Service Features

24x7x365 security monitoring

The CDR SOC team proactively detect, prioritise, and alert you to actionable security incidents, enabling quick remediation.

Unified alert tuning

Telstra’s dedicated Integration and Tuning team manages alert noise across all data sources, so you are not overwhelmed by high-volume, low-value alerts.

Integrated vulnerability management

Run asset discovery and vulnerability scans, understand your top vulnerabilities, and identify mitigation pathways.

Advanced detection analytics

Leverage Telstra’s deep security domain expertise. Our high-fidelity detection analytics employ correlation rules, statistical analysis, and machine learning across a range of security and contextual data sources to maximise coverage of your attack surface.

Next-generation monitoring platform

Telstra’s modular security monitoring platform is hosted in the public cloud and leverages open-source technologies to deliver exceptional scalability and performance.

Access to trusted expertise

Telstra’s exceptional multidisciplinary delivery team spans security operations, data science, DevOps and customer success management, empowering you to respond to new and evolving global threats.

Multi-source threat intelligence

Enrich your event data with Telstra’s unique threat telemetry and industry leading intelligence feeds.

Incident management insights

The Telstra Security Portal enables prioritised end-to-end management of your active security incidents across all data sources, streamlining security operations.

Key Benefits

Peace of mind

A fully resilient, true 24/7 x365 security monitoring and response service, with two Security Operations Centres running in parallel with automatic fail-over.

Better detection and response

Differentiated by Telstra’s relevant threat exposure to a high volume and variety of attacks across Asia Pacific and other regions.

Leverage each partner’s strengths

Combines Telstra’s Enterprise scale and Securecom’s in-country knowledge and responsiveness.

High-touch security service management

Proactive engagement and co-ordination across broader Securecom service desk, networking and engineering services.

Highly scalable

Can scale with your growing business and support wider security coverage and additional data sources, as needed.

More effective incident response

Support from local incident handlers, that is backed by Telstra’s global experience and expertise.

Easy transition

You get assigned a dedicated and experienced onboarding team.