High capacity & Infrastructure

Above, below and beyond.

Give your business the scale, resilient connectivity and performance to deliver for your customers on the network that goes above, below and beyond.

Get the scale, resilience and local expertise from the team/network that go above, below and beyond

Give your business the scale, resilient connectivity and performance to deliver for your customers on the network that goes above, below and beyond.

Ready to do business without barriers?

Telstra International brings you the reach to expand globally, with diverse availability, local expertise and privileged relationships that come from over 70 years of solving some of Asia’s toughest connectivity challenges.

Global network infrastructure map

We own and operate a core subsea network of over 400,000km with 77 Data Centres and licenses in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and access to more than 2,000 Points of Presence (PoPs) in more than 200 countries and territories globally.

Key values to support your business

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Build your business with the largest foreign telco in Korea & Taiwan.

In a world of political differences, Telstra International has spent 70 years bringing people together to solve some of the the toughest connectivity challenges.

We’ve forged privileged relationships, friendly local partnerships and cable routes that bring you direct access to global markets, including Australia, Korea, Pacific Islands, the Philippines and Taiwan. 

Subsea network carrier in APAC

Telstra handles almost a third of all active capacity across Asia and 35-40% of all connectivity into Korea and Taiwan.

Unparalleled access into Asia

With the deep process expertise that comes from successfully running vast infrastructure, Telstra's unique team of local experts will work collaboratively to understand your business and how to bring it to Asia. 

Committed to bringing business to Asia and beyond

Telstra is the one of the leading foreign Telco in South Korea & Taiwan and one of leading top foreign subsea owner providing access into the Philippines.

Leverage our successful history and local expertise to deliver more for your customers.

We get things done for our customers because we have more than 3,200 professionals - from negotiators to engineering teams - in over 30 countries. 

They speak the language, understand the local regulatory landscape, and can manage your infrastructure or co-design a solution with you.

Gain local expertise through our global team

Telstra employs a global team of more than 3200 people and has presence in over 30 countries, including the Pacific Islands.  Telstra technology specialists brings you extensive local knowledge and expertise.

Gain insights through our long history of success

Having operated internationally for more than 70 years, Telstra brings a deep history of proven expertise to help you meet your business goals.

Gain access to an extensive partner network

Telstra strongly values partnerships through substantial investment in our partner network.

Let your customers connect on Asia's largest and most diverse subsea network.

When our network is your network, you gain the global scale and capacity you need to do business. With three fully owned cable systems, you get diverse pathways, so you can connect your customers globally.

Satellite, terrestrial and subsea connectivity

Telstra provides terrestrial connectivity in unique markets, such as Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan.  Telstra can reach more than 60 satellites globally using world-class teleports, as well as access to partner teleports.

One of Asia’s largest, most diverse subsea networks

Telstra’s network includes three wholly-owned cable systems: Telstra Endeavour, EAC and C2C and has access to more than 30 submarine cable systems, which form one of the largest subsea cable networks in Asia Pacific.

Trust Telstra’s industry-leading capacity and connectivity

Telstra supports high bandwidth requirements through our global connectivity capability and supports 100G technologies on most of our cable systems.  400G technology support available late 2024.

Keep your customers safe, secure and connected.

Build your business on a resilient network with the inbuilt redundancy and cable diversity to reroute traffic during unplanned disruption. Rely on our high capacity, fully meshed IP backbone, data encryption, proactive maintenance and physical cable protection. We also provide managed infrastructure services so you can optimise your business.

Fast, secure, reliable service

Telstra’s high capacity, fully meshed IP backbone network with the cable diversity and redundancy supports your needs. 

Telstra has coverage in over 150 countries with more than 800 peering connections with local providers.

Robust managed submarine cable services

Submarine Line Terminating Equipment (STLE) management services in the US, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Korea.

Network Operation Centre (NOC) Services

Telstra’s Transmission NOC brings together cable operators, cable maintenance teams, local teams and local telecommunications providers to provide 24/7 monitoring and surveillance across 400,000km of core transmission network and 2,000 PoPs worldwide.

Explore Telstra range of solutions

Private lines

Get dedicated, secure, low-latency and high-capacity connectivity and fast, flexible performance for your unique business needs.

Global internet

Optimise your access to customers with a high-capacity, cloud-enabled efficient internet access globally.

Virtual Private network

Discover a world of opportunity with agile, secure virtual private network services delivered on a highly resilient, scalable global network.

Satellite Services

Where there’s limited to no network coverage in your area, Telstra Satellite Services can help connect your remote sites to key locations.

Wholesale Voice

Optimise how you communicate, co-ordinate and collaborate with your teams for improved efficiency and effectiveness across global teams.

Connect with the team that goes Above, below and beyond.