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Power your global reach

Our Satellite Services can support a range of voice, video and data services with inter-connectivity into Telstra’s extensive terrestrial networks globally.

Telstra Satellite Services can help connect your remote sites to key locations

Get access to over 60 satellites via our own teleport facilities in Australia and Asia. Telstra’s fully redundant and geographically diverse teleport infrastructure ensures streamlined inter-connectivity between our teleports, global undersea cable systems and terrestrial IP network (MPLS (IPVPN), internet transit, carrier-grade Ethernet, local backhaul systems) at the teleports with physical route diversity

We offer satellite teleport and data connectivity for global wholesale and enterprise customers. And with more than 45 years of experience in satellite teleport operations and satellite services industry, Telstra can deliver a one-stop-shop solution for your end-to-end connectivity and network application for hybrid solutions.

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Satellite Data Services

Extend high-speed, reliable connectivity to the furthest corners of the globe, leveraging our world-class teleport infrastructure.

Satellite Teleport Services

Access high-performance, secure and reliable connectivity, underpinned by our extensive global submarine cable network and IP Connectivity platforms.

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Helping to solve the connectivity gap

With global on-the-go connectivity becoming all the more important, satellites open up a new world with stronger coverage and larger capacities.

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Reach global heights with Telstra Satellite Services

Learn more about our Satellite Services and how it can extend your global reach.

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Demand for connectivity and bandwidth is increasing at a phenomenal rate, be it on land, in the air, or at sea. With Telstra satellite services no place is too remote.

Telstra has been operating globally for more than 70 years with presence in over 230 countries and territories. We own three world-class satellite facilities that combine with our partner teleports to provide coverage across the globe. Our satellite services seamlessly interconnect to our

global transmission and IP backbone services via Telstra's global points of presence. Our satellite services can help you connect your business in

fast-growing developing economies around the world overcoming, geographical distance and barriers. Enjoy fast deployment, unconstrained by cabled last mile or local interconnect arrangements between terrestrial networks, knowing your business is securely connected via

satellite, protected and monitored 24/7 by our network operations center.

Our satellite services cater to:

  • Telecommunication providers requiring connectivity for data, voice circuits, or cellular backhaul.
  • Internet and IT service providers.
  • Maritime industry
  • The mining and energy industry
  • Education and
  • Telemedicine.

Our transportable satellite terminals offer customers immediate and

easy to deploy connectivity solutions in remote areas. We offer connectivity from our teleport direct to your premises, extending international connectivity to remote locations where terrestrial infrastructure is underdeveloped or non-existent. We offer satellite uplink/downlink, colocation, and virtual network operator services to connect your customers across vast geographical areas without investing in a teleport. With three strategic and geographically diverse teleports located in Hong Kong, Sydney, and Perth, that combined with our partner teleports, you'll have access to a vast range of satellites globally.

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Accreditation and partnerships

World Teleport Association

Provisional certification for three teleports in Australia and Hong Kong.

Why Telstra

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality performance underpinned by our Next IP network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

A network to rely on

We monitor our network around the clock with dedicated operating centres using advanced management systems. We can provide helpdesk support and proactive response to manage problems as they happen and restore services.

Extensive, fast and reliable network

Connect to new opportunities around the world. You can access more than 2,000 PoPs and connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories globally, on a network consistently ranked amongst Asia’s most peered IP networks by Dyn’s Internet Intelligence.

Our best-of-breed approach

Working with us means you also benefit from our established relationships with leading global technology providers and strong support by local channels and partners.

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