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In a complex web of hyperconnected digital relationships, every transaction imaginable continues to be powered by the network. The evolution of distributed workforces, decentralised applications, and extensive supplier networks has prompted enterprises to adopt hybrid, multi-cloud, software-defined, and transport-agnostic network architectures.

Telstra Adaptive Networks Solutions Suite enhances application performance, resilience and security while optimising costs. By reimagining your network strategy to align with your business growth, you can position your organisation for success in this dynamic digital landscape.

How we power your business

Gain the agility to quickly scale up applications, sites and remote teams.

Get trusted high levels of redundancy, integrated security and SLA uptime guarantees. 

Have the oversight and ability to manage networks and traffic.

Be confident that your application services and online transactions will perform at peak.

Transform your networks with Telstra Adaptive Networks Solutions

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Explore a world of connectivity and access options

Connect your business network with our global backbone, public or private WAN underlay and cloud services. Calibrate them to your security and workload requirements and manage them simply from a single vendor.

Global backbone

Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Expand your network capacity with MEF-certified Ethernet Private Line (EPL) to support your business needs.

EPL Express

Move faster with reliable high-speed and low latency global connectivity. 

IP Transit

Empower and protect your business with resilient and robust global connectivity.

WAN underlay

Virtual Private Network (IPVPN, EVPN)

Back your opportunities with agile and secure solutions of highly scalable networks that support voice and video communications and other prioritised data.

Global Internet (GID/GIE)

Connect your business to the world with high-capacity, fully meshed IP backbone network that is centred in Asia for cable diversity and redundancy.

Satellite (VSAT Fixed/Portable)

Connect your remote sites to key locations with our Satellite solutions that support a range of voice, video and data services with interconnectivity into Telstra’s extensive terrestrial networks globally.

Cloud connectivity

Public Peering

Kickstart your peer network with Telstra Adaptive Networks Solutions Suite.

Hosted Connectivity

Seamlessly bridge your networks securely and reliably.

Dedicated Private Connections

Empower your business with secure and low latency network connectivity for unmatched performance.

Enhance application performance and user experience

Maintain full control of your solution and maximise your investment with Telstra's fully- or co-managed end-to-end managed network infrastructure and services.

Managed SD-WAN

Improve business agility and performance across your wide-area network (WAN) with software-defined solutions tailored for your organisation.

Managed Firewall

Focus on your core business objectives while we monitor and manage your devices, network and firewall appliances 24X7X365.

Managed Wi-Fi

Transform an access technology into a key business enabler as you seamlessly and securely connect people, processes, data and things.

Managed Router

Boost end-user experience and application response in your wide-area network (WAN) while managing routing equipment for all your sites is kept simple.

Managed Switch

Improve local area network (LAN) reliability and performance with consistent design and management of switches between offices.

Network Equipment Deployment and Maintenance

Cost-effective deployment and maintenance when you don’t need a fully managed service, with a single point of contact for carriage faults and hardware replacement.

Our approach to safeguard your business

Telstra Purple is our powerhouse tech services provider, empowering you to innovate with purpose and solidify your competitive advantage. We deliver powerful, predictable, and repeatable business outcomes with our four-part consulting methodology. Regardless of your business size, we'll provide the customised services you need to achieve your digital strategy goals.

1. This is a diagram of Telstra Purple’s 4D consulting methodology. 2. The 4Ds include Discover more, Define more, Deliver more and Drive more. 3.	In the discover stage, we collaborate and identify challenges and opportunities. We then analyze how to address the challenges in the define stage. We guide and deliver support from deployment to adoption. Lastly, we drive value to help realise business benefits.

Discover More

We'll collaborate to identify security opportunities and challenges through assessment, strategy development, and prioritisation.

Define More

Using this analysis, we'll assist you in seizing opportunities and addressing challenges promptly through activities such as architecting and planning.

Deliver More

We'll guide you through every step, offering services and support from deployment to adoption, including change management.

Drive More

We continue to drive value through repeatable and managed services, helping you to realise the business benefits of this approach.

Our customer stories

Performance and Optimisation

A multinational outdoor marketing corporation realised its ambition of growing opportunities and revenue in China by migrating its network to Telstra’s VMware SD-WAN.

Security and Reliability

We helped a global manufacturer establish MPLS connections to 10 offices and global VPN connects to over 30 offices with diverse routing.

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Software-Defined Networks

Software-Defined Networks (SDN) technology serves as a powerful foundation for your SD-WAN, amplifying your ability to securely and reliably connect between networks and users across different locations. 

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