Transforming a data centre to drive digitisation beyond legacy technology constraints

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The customer is a multi-national electronics manufacturer with a long history in driving innovation. Regionally headquartered in Singapore, the customer manages an extensive network of subsidiaries across Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The challenge

Initially prompted by the end of an on-premise service contract, the customer was looking to relocate its infrastructure to a hosted data centre. Its long-term goal was to move into the public cloud to reduce costs and improve elasticity, resiliency, agility and scalability. In addition, the company wanted to build a consistent security and governance framework for its IT infrastructure.


Working in close partnership with Microsoft, Telstra Purple evaluated the customer’s existing workloads and applications, and gathered insights into the current skillsets within the business. Through this discovery phase and with the customer’s requirements in mind, Telstra Purple recommended a migration to Microsoft Azure.

Based on this recommendation, the customer identified dozens of applications and servers to potentially migrate to Azure. Telstra Purple assessed server workloads across multiple data centres, to determine the workloads best suited for the public cloud.

Following this assessment, the Telstra Purple team developed a report on the customer’s application requirements, which formed the basis of recommendations for server groupings and Microsoft Azure virtual machine sizing.

Telstra Purple then planned and built the Microsoft Azure environment, with a focus on security, high availability, disaster recovery and governance. The team managed the migration and testing phases against an aggressive schedule.

To ensure the customer’s IT team was equipped to deliver ongoing management of the Azure solution, Telstra Purple created a custom training program for all business-as-usual stakeholders.

As part of the process we:

  • Worked in close partnership with Microsoft to understand the customer’s current and future workload and application needs
  • Architected and built the Azure environment, focussing on security, high availability, disaster recovery and governance based on Microsoft’s best practices
  • Created a custom training program for stakeholders


The Azure infrastructure delivered by Telstra Purple not only provided a foundation to migrate the customer’s workloads and applications, but enabled its Application Development teams to rapidly deploy new services and solutions to its end users and customers.

Data security was identified as a primary focus area for the customer. Microsoft’s public cloud technologies are highly secure in nature, and through Azure’s Security Centre and Log Analytics capabilities, internal security teams can now gain valuable insights to guide future decisions.

Public cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, require less investment in terms of management time and offer a wider range of services, allowing IT teams to focus on delivering larger-scale strategic projects. In addition, Azure offers improvements to availability and disaster recovery which would not be possible with on-premise solutions.

Through its partnership with Telstra Purple and the implementation of Microsoft Azure, the customer is able to drive digital transformation initiatives more quickly, easily, securely and at scale throughout its business.

  • Reduced time to deploy – new services can be launched rapidly
  • Improved security – with better insights through public cloud
  • Drive digital transformation – highly available, secure and scalable solutions launched across the organisation

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