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Hello, we’re Telstra Purple

We believe it’s people who give purpose to our technology, and it’s the power of purposeful technology that inspires people. Putting purpose and people at the core of everything we do brings a brilliantly connected future closer to your reach.

From network solutions to digital experience design, we’ll help transform your business with leading-edge experience, expertise and technology so you can thrive now and into the future.

You know, you think about solutions even at the weirdest times. You could be cooking or you could be in the shower and then you think about something for the customer. Oh, hang on.

It created a situation where one plus one no longer equals two, it was three, it was four, it was five. Feedback is pretty instant when you're dealing with children. If it's a good solution or a bad solution, they'll let you know without any filters.

Dont make it too complicated, dont oversell what we do. Let's just solve the customer needs. These are the sort of things that get me out of bed in the morning.

How do you bring purpose to technology?

We don't want to sell technology for the sake of just selling technology, it needs to solve a business problem. There is a number of different ways in which you can technically create a solution, make something work. But with the wrong attitude, with the wrong mindset, technology will not solve the problem.

The technology kind of happens in the background, but it really is about attitude and aptitude. The most important thing in bringing purpose to technology is the people. It comes down to communication and relationship building and having that mutual respect with your customer.

If we as a team, as individuals, are building solutions that's moving people forward, that's helping make peoples lives better. Bringing purpose to humanity through technology, that really drives home to my heart through personal experiences. Puts a smile on your face, to be able to put a smile on your customer's face. That makes me really proud, not just of my team, but also proud of our company.

Telstra Purple

Technology that inspires. Purposefully delivered by Telstra Purple consulting services experts.

Telstra Purple is the largest Australian owned technology services business, bringing together Telstra Enterprise’s business technology services capabilities and a number of its recently acquired companies, focused on outcome-based, transformative tech solutions. Our broad capability consists of over 1500 certified experts in network, security, cloud, collaboration, mobility, software, data and analytics, and design. Diverse by design, our differences bring a radically open-minded approach to every idea, process and solution we create together.

Your business needs are unique - so the solution you need to achieve outcomes is, too. Our experts orchestrate our technology into a solution that’s purpose-built for your requirements. Throughout our delivery, we’ll collaborate as peers, with our people sharing knowledge and skills with your teams.

Telstra Purple consulting services and solutions capabilities


Our aim is to reduce the burden of IT; to move from infrastructure to an invisible enabler that ultimately allows organization’s focus on innovating within their core business.


Our goal is to develop working software, that meets the customer, users’ & business’s needs, developed professionally; and in an effective & scalable manner. Clearer. Faster. Simpler.


Empower users and transform the way they collaborate and build solutions with best-in-class productivity apps and intelligent cloud services while keeping security and compliance in mind.


Unlock the business potential of your data, break the silos and move to intelligent cloud services. Empower your business to make data driven decisions, visualising in near real-time to provide intelligence to your planning and customer service.


Today’s organisations need to adapt to disruptive forces driven by new technologies. Around the world, enterprises have to deliver new and better experiences for their customers, reach new markets, and become more agile.


Providing customers with expert and regional resources to help them understand, manage and mitigate risk. This can range from security strategy, design and deployment, policy compliance to operational managed services, all tailored to your required outcomes.

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Workplace User Provisioning Automation

Automate the provisioning/deprovisioning process as well as automatic creation of distribution lists based on other attributes within the HR platform

PowerApps and PowerAutomate

Integrate Content, Applications and Communications within Teams through leveraging advanced services of Power Apps, Flow and integrated applications within Teams

Microsoft Teamwork Assessment

Find out how Microsoft products can enhance your business and, how we can help deploy and customize for your needs.

Customised Meeting Room Booking Application

Find out more about Automated & Customized Meeting Room Booking System


This application helps coordinate your own information sharing and team collaboration especially during a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.

GVault Archive Migration

Find out more about G Vault to Office 365 Archive Migration solution.

DevOps Kickstart

Gain a better understanding of how to leverage automation & DevOps.

Azure Containers or Microservices

Containerise existing applications and deploy as microservices.

Build Custom Web Parts on SharePoint Online

Find out how to extend SharePoint Online’s value by creating custom web parts based on your business needs.

Digital Transformation and Application Strategy

Build a technical roadmap including tasks like DevOps and migration strategy.

3rd Party to SharePoint Online Migration

Move your content from a legacy platform to the newer cloud-based SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Assessment

We provide advice on best practices to get the maximum out of your SharePoint investment.

Azure Application Modernisation Quick Start

Take full advantage of the cloud’s elasticity and consumption-based billing model.

Migrate to SharePoint

Find out about moving your content from a high maintenance on-prem SharePoint to the newer cloud-based SharePoint Online.

Deploy and Scale with Windows Virtual Desktop

Find out about Deploying and running standardized virtual desktop environment on Cloud.

Cloud Foundations (Landing Zone) Design and Build

Get setup with standardised best practices to build-on.

Cloud Platform Review

Find out more about our Cloud Platform Review.

Disaster Recovery to Cloud

Find out about Disaster Recovery and Backup plan on Cloud

Rapid Cloud Assessment

Gain insights into your current environment and cloud strategy

Workload Migration to Cloud

Find out how to re-host onto Cloud, and access efficiencies of scale and cost.


Design, deploy, & execute use cases and recieve a PoC summary report.

SD-WAN Comprehensive Assessment

Find out more about our SD-WAN Comprehensive Assessment

SD-WAN Basic Assessment

Find our more about our SD-WAN Basic Assessment

Discovery Workshop

Discover ways to optimise and modernise data platforms.

Historical Real Time Data Analysis

Optimise and Improve your Data Utilisation.

Data Platform Modernisation

Streamline Process and Improve Scalability and Agility

Migrating to a Cloud Data Platform

Find out about our Analytics and Visualisation workshops to deliver impactful business benefits and insights.

Predictive Analytics

Improve Business Strategy and Decision Making

Email Security Risk Assessent and Protection Deployment Services

Understand the risk and threat coming from email, and potentially leverage the ongoing protection to prevent all related email fraud.

End Point Security

Deploy a security solution to provide protection across server estate.

DoS Protection Services

Secure your business from DDoS attacks.

Firewall Policy Optimisation and Migration Services

Optimise your firewall policies to make your business more secure.

Security and Threat Assessment

Ensure coordinated and mature response to manage risk of threats appropriately.

Data Loss Prevention

We provide advisory services on implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, and policies.

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    Clients (across all Telstra Purple acquired entities)

What we do

Through our consulting and managed services we enable digital transformation so you can thrive.

Digital Infrastructure and Business Agility

Adapt to changing business and digital landscapes by creating agility for your organisation. With our expertise and industry-leading partnerships, you’ll have a choice on your path to success and transformation.

London City Airport

From e-gates to security lanes, new technologies speed up throughput and attract customers.


Modernising financial services and improving customer experience with cloud.

Multi-national electronics manufacturer

Drive highly available, secure and scalable solutions

Digital Culture

Empower your people as they work and deliver results for your business. Attract and retain the next generation of talent with innovative, best-of-breed and emerging technologies.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland harnesses the power of augmented reality to provide an enhanced learning experience and improve student outcomes.

Digital Innovation

Bring us your business opportunity and we’ll help build and manage the right solution. By prioritising digital innovation, you can maximise productivity and minimise interruptions. An inspiring experience for your customers, end-to-end.

Suntory Beverage & Food Asia

An interactive website to enhance brand engagement and a streamlined process for customer enquiries for an improved customer experience.

PSA International

A customised out-of-the-box solution that was aligned to customer's needs and develop their skills so they can manage it in the future.

Telstra Purple case studies

Centralising communications and information for Suntory Asia

Find out how Telstra Purple helped has enabled better engagement and internal communications, with the ability to deliver new content regularly across a variety of formats.

Suntory Beverage and Food Asia

Telstra Purple led the development of Suntory Beverage and Food Asia’s new website using AWS cloud solutions to bring a more dynamic online presence.

Why Telstra?

End-to-end expertise

We are the largest Australian owned team of technology services professionals and have the credentials to assure best practice at every delivery stage. We’ve got you covered wherever you might be in your transformation journey.

Committed to collaboration

We bring the best people across Telstra together with yours to design, build and deliver outcome-based solutions for your business needs.

Incremental improvements

We don’t know what we don’t know until we learn, so we designed ways of working to enable conscious ideation and fast learning. We listen to our people and you to refine and reshape processes that bring us closer to our goals.

Empowering you

Business transformation is an ongoing, evolving opportunity, so we also work on providing you with the right tools and understanding to run the show when we’ve wrapped up.

Industry alliances

We’ve forged strong partnerships with leading technology providers, so you can leverage our combined expertise for leading-edge solutions.

Getting started

Telstra Purple has the experience, capacity and tools to solve the evolving challenges you face.