Building a more dynamic online presence for Suntory Beverage & Food Asia

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The Challenge

Suntory Beverage & Food Asia (SBFA) is the Asia headquarters of global beverage company Suntory. It is based in Singapore with 22 factories and more than 7,000 employees across Asia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

SBFA was looking to overhaul its corporate website – a key tool for communicating company news and information – to better meet its business and communications objectives.

“We were looking to strengthen our brand within the region and improve communications with our customers and partners. We realised we needed a website that was better equipped for our engagement needs,” said Diana Tan, SBFA’s Corporate Communications Manager.

Key issues

“Our previous website required us to go through a vendor every time we needed to update content, which could take weeks to complete. We were looking for a dynamic solution that we could easily manage ourselves,” explained Ms Tan.

In addition to more regular communication with customers, partners and stakeholders, SBFA wanted to move away from a static website interface. “Our previous website had no animation; all the content was stationary and not very engaging – we wanted a fresh look,” continued Ms Tan.

“After working with the Telstra Purple team on a previous internal communications project, we approached them to help us deliver the right solution for our external site.” 

The Solution

Telstra Purple led the development of SBFA’s new website using AWS cloud solutions. The new site supports a full range of media formats including video, images and infographics.

The site also enables frequent content updates almost instantly – from anywhere. This includes company news and press releases, with subpages focused on company initiatives and product information.

Telstra Purple is providing ongoing support to manage website enhancements and upgrades, as well as monitoring the company’s cloud architecture to maintain optimal connectivity and availability.

As part of the process, Telstra Purple:

  • Developed a dynamic solution to improve brand engagement
  • Integrated new content mediums including infographics and videos
  • Streamlined customer enquiries and improved response potential


“The new Content Management System allows us to upload content, even in video format, in minutes. This enables us to strengthen our branding by updating the website more frequently to reflect the latest developments within the business,” explained Ms Tan.

SBFA’s incoming customer enquiry model was also reviewed as part of the new website development.

“All customer enquiries would previously go directly to the corporate communications team, and we’d then direct them to the appropriate teams within the business. Our new website allowed us to create a workflow that categorises each enquiry as it arrives, so they can be sent straight to the correct team which lets us respond much faster and with more accuracy,” said Ms Tan.

“After the revamped website was up, we’ve noticed a general increase in the number of enquiries.”

  • Improved customer response – increase the accuracy of customer requests being directed to the correct department.
  • Increased site visitor engagement – supporting a variety of content formats.
  • Removed manual processes – site updates can be made instantly.

Key takeaways

The new website now offers an interactive and informative online destination for the business to share corporate insights and updates. SBFA also noted the process of getting it up was smooth, even though the project took place during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period, when all nonessential employees had to work from home due to COVID-19.

“Despite this project taking place virtually, the young and energetic team were very flexible when it came to any challenges along the way,” said Ms Tan. “We enjoyed working with the Telstra Purple team as they were adept at using the Agile methodology in project management, which shortened turnaround time and impressed our management with their frequency of updates.”

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