Redefining service in an evolving digital era

· 23 February 2023 · 4 minute read

As the world emerges from post-pandemic recovery and switches gear back to growth, investment in digital transformation is expected to continue its upward march. Inspired by the opportunities powering the global digital economy, organisations are laying out their digital priorities and in search for the right partner to walk alongside them on this journey.

Partnering with a telecommunication company (telco) with multi-disciplinary services like Telstra International can be the defining answer. Beyond enterprise applications, managed services and cloud services, Telstra International brings digital alignment to an organisation’s business goals and offers a service and support experience that blends seamlessly with global connectivity and in-house IT teams. The following case studies show how we are passionate about creating success for our customers and building trusted partnerships along the way.

Committed to your goals

Telstra International's service value of being committed to goals and making it simple to do business with us is brought to core in our work for Suntory Beverage & Food Asia (SBFA). Together with Telstra Purple, our professional consulting services arm, we helped this customer improve its employee experience levels by simplifying complexity across its processes.

Based on the deep understanding we had of SBFA’s business, our team worked with them to identify a range of potential areas that contributes to experience improvements and then co-created solutions to meet SBFA’s experience challenges. Some of the solutions included a vendor onboarding app, a reminder feature to reduce lapsed requests and an internal helpdesk chatbot. The technology solutions developed by Telstra Purple simplified processes and optimised performance—solving experience pain points through digitisation and automation. With interfaces that are easy to use, SBFA was able to improve the experience of users, which improved its employees’ efficiency. 

SBFA is just one of over 4,000 global customers that trust Telstra International for a wide range of services, from modernising networks to optimising customer and collaboration experiences. 

Performance-driven delivery

We recently worked with leading port group PSA International to migrate its document and knowledge-sharing platform to Microsoft SharePoint on the cloud, enabling secure and high-performance collaboration for their employees in 50 locations across 26 countries. Working under the pressure of completing the migration before PSA’s previous on-premises SharePoint deployment reached end-of-life, our team even reduced the timeline by automating repetitive tasks. Our solution was developed with web controls customised to PSA’s needs, such as a navigation link to connect all its sites for a greater library of information, along with embedded training services.

A key part of getting things right for our customers is through listening and understanding their feedback and challenges. This holds true for our work with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). The UK-based charity operates a 24-hour hotline for vulnerable children, and it is essential that service availability is not interrupted by a security breach.

The Telstra Purple Security Consulting team started by conducting a security and threat assessment to establish NSPCC’s current state of security posture and its future requirements. The team then detailed and delivered against a blueprint to improve the charity’s security management towards keeping five million children safer in five years.

A prime factor in being the partner of choice for PSA and NSPCC was our proven track record with them, having  reviously worked together on a successful SD-WAN implementation and assessment of cyber security respectively. Having over 30 per cent of customers choosing to partner with us for ten years and longer is further endorsement of our commitment to help business succeed.

A customer-first culture

To Tom Leyden, Global Leader of IT at Woods Bagot, a global architecture firm with over 1,000 employees working in 17 major cities across the world, collaborative service was a key highlight of their partnership with Telstra.

Facing increasing demand for its services and in response to business growth, Woods Bagot appointed Telstra International to diversify their networks to increase resilience, optimise network routing for more cost efficiency and enable greater agility for site connections. As the company also did not have a large in-house IT and network team, Telstra became the partner that provided ongoing management, support and service resolution for its network. 

“If there’s an issue, I know there’s a dedicated number to call within Telstra and they’ll handle the incident to resolution. This takes the strain off my IT team to manage the network so they can focus on other strategic projects. The end-user experience has increased dramatically,” said Leydon. 

Throughout all projects with our customers, our approach to service and support is to be consistently of high quality and world-class, encompassing end-to-end technical support and easy access to Telstra International’s team of product and technical experts. 

The future of service and beyond

Service excellence is a continuous journey, and the bar is being set higher at every turn. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key metric for measuring customer satisfaction in many industries including IT and telco, for Telstra International remains industry-leading with a +53 score currently—greatly eschewing the telco industry average of +31. We continuously strive to improve service standards year after year and are working towards an NPS score of +60. 

Backed by measurable outcomes, Telstra International’s customer-first culture ensures flexibility in the way we serve, meeting businesses where they work and following through on requests. We’ve built making it easy to do business with us into our DNA, boosted by our multi-channel customer support and centralised enterprise services platform, Telstra Connect.

Not just on service, our emphasis on partnership, solutions and trust combine to give our customers the leg up in managing their digital transformation challenges, enabling their innovative response to market trends, and making the most of the new opportunities the digital era can offer.

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