Partnering to Deliver Better Solutions for Our Customers

· 21 March 2023 · 4 minute read

At the Mobile World Congress (MCW), Telstra CEO Vicki Brady pointed out that opportunities will pass us by if we, as mobile operators, do not work together and collaborate with our partners. 

By partnering with customers, technology leaders and industry experts to co-create solutions to complex challenges, larger opportunities can be created. At Telstra International, being a good partner is more than bringing our products and services, skills, and expertise to the table. It is a collaboration where our expertise stacks onto our customers’ and we weave our value propositions of service, solutions and trust into the mix, as illustrated through the following examples.

Drawing the best of our expertise and those of our alliance partners

Our solutions and network experts work alongside strategic alliance partners of global technology and specialist solutions providers to create solutions that can flex and scale whenever it suits our customers. When Budget Direct Insurance approached Telstra International to modernise its customer experience, it was operating on a legacy system through a different managed service provider. Its customer contact centre was facing challenges on business agility, performance and scale for reasons such as lack of access to data, difficulty in making change requests and delays in receiving support.

Leveraging a 20-year partnership with Genesys in supporting contact centre agents, as well as the customer’s existing familiarity with Microsoft 365 services, our team designed and delivered a unified communications solution—a trifecta of Telstra’s resilient network, Genesys’ cloud-based contact centre platform and Microsoft’s business collaboration application.

From being able to identify Budget Direct Insurance’s needs early in the process, our solution not only fully addressed the customer’s needs, but also gave the customer flexibility to explore and adopt other solutions to respond to changing needs, while retaining Telstra International as its single integrated provider.

Collaborating for the long run

Solving issues on hand may be a priority, but it’s also about future proofing. Building trust and long-term relationships with our customers helps us optimise for the future, like we did for one of the world's largest manufacturing firms.

Although the company had been investing significantly in cloud solutions every month, it was unable to effectively track its performance and resources consumed by its various lines of business. As cloud footprints increased, they became more complicated, causing the company to lose visibility on the infrastructure of its cloud stack. 

Apart from integrating CloudHealth—our multi-cloud management platform that analyses cost and performance—to enable the company to track cloud usage and costs with intelligent insights in near real-time, we also delivered additional services that included training on running and customising reports, and ongoing enablement with business reviews.

To help the company further reduce the cost of its cloud footprint and improve business outcomes, we recommended options of end-to-end support and solution, which helped them to discover and redeploy unused capacity.

Doing more for what is right

Placing as much importance on our professional conduct, ethical governance and network security as global connectivity, we take the trust our customers place on us in the way we work and deliver our services seriously. This proved to be the differentiator in our partnerships with our customers such as Save the Children Australia.

Save the Children is a leading humanitarian organisation for children with operations in over 100 countries. The Covid-19 pandemic saw its Australian outpost having to shift to working remotely entirely for the first time. It also faced multiple challenges in delivering aid to those in need across Australia’s urban and regional refuges.

Putting privacy and security as its top priorities, Save the Children Australia wanted to embed security in the network while maintaining a seamless experience for its staff and clients—and chose to work with Telstra which can provide all that. Telstra also provided sets of smartphones at no cost so that the organisation’s field staff could stay connected with families of school-aged children staying in refuge centres. 

Our all-rounded solution—from providing a unified corporate mobile service for a centralised staff and client device management, to implementing an SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) solution for a secure, low latency connection—meant that Save the Children Australia could focus on its core mission of supporting its frontline staff and helping vulnerable families.

Creating value beyond connectivity

Like Vicki said, connectivity is just the beginning. By going beyond connectivity and being an ecosystem builder and integrator, Telstra International brings together multiple technologies on top of our networks. This helps solve business challenges and unlock opportunities at an industry level and makes our ambition of “Global connectivity. Infinite possibilities.” a reality for our customers.

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