Telstra Broadcast Services unveils Next Generation of its Internet Delivery Network

Software-defined, cloud-based platform combines premium-level service and support with economic delivery for maximum broadcast flexibility

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Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) is highlighting the next generation of its Internet Delivery Network (IDN) at NAB 2022, Booth# W10509. Designed to maximize content value and revenue opportunities through rapid, easy deployment at reduced expense, the platform is continually adding new features and capabilities to keep pace with evolving workflows for broadcast and production.

Telstra IDN is a software-defined, cloud-based platform enabling the transport of high-quality video content and live broadcast streams to any registered endpoint across shared networks like the public internet. By avoiding the expense of delivering content using dedicated connectivity between event sites and traditional broadcast facilities, producers can instead allocate budgets toward experimenting with new content experiences at lower risk of financial losses. Media and sports rights holders also benefit from lower-cost access to new buyers and audiences.

The platform rounds out Telstra’s menu of network connectivity solutions giving customers the flexibility to choose the delivery method that works best for them – satellite, fiber or the internet. Telstra also provides options for customers to purchase bundled media delivery solutions; typically satellite delivery for broad regional coverage, fiber for high-value specific content or remote production, plus internet delivery for extra content or for back-up feeds. 

“No longer only a last-mile option for remote areas, the internet has emerged as a reliable, high-quality and cost-effective option for end-to-end broadcast carriage,” said Andreas Eriksson, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services. “Now we have a three-tiered ability to flexibly support customers with customized hybrid workflows for any type of transmission, contribution and distribution. Customers can mix and match fiber, satellite, internet and cloud delivery methods depending on their changing production and budget requirements.”

Telstra is unique for its hybrid delivery and distribution capabilities. This flexibility is tremendously attractive to content owners and rightsholders looking to expand and grow their audiences worldwide. A recent example is Telstra’s announcement of a 5-year agreement with the National Hockey League (NHL), with up to 1,400 games distributed each year to viewers around the world using Telstra’s hybrid delivery options enabling a tailored approach that can be adjusted based on national or regional broadcaster requirements.

Internet Delivery Network – Additional Key Features

  • The IDN platform can monitor and tune media delivery by responding to unpredictable latency, jitter, dropped packets and network congestion
  • Serves as inexpensive backup to primary transport methods (fiber or satellite)
  • Enables reduced time to market through rapid deployment with flexible ingress and egress models including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) media edge and cloud connectivity
  • Inexpensive transport of non “must carry” or “ancillary” video services (e.g. extra courts, different camera angles)
  • Reliable internet carriage of real-time media streams
  • Highly resilient and secure
  • Simple ordering and predictable costs
  • A suite of tools that provide monitoring, diagnostics and proof of performance
  • Accessed and managed via a full suite of online tools
  • Supported by media and network experts at Telstra Broadcast Services