Harnessing The Right Mix of Solutions for Business Success

· 18 June 2023 · 4 minute read

Travel bans may have come and gone but pandemic-driven structural changes in the business environment such as hybrid work are set to stay.

Increasingly, organisations are moving their workloads to the cloud via scalable, secured networks. This is just one instance where digitalisation continues to evolve and shape enterprises’ digital needs. On the other hand, enterprises are also facing constant pressures such as demands on quality, suitability, inventiveness, and speed of delivery for the solutions they choose. 

This calls for the need to partner with a technology services provider that can offer solutions that keep pace with changes in today’s market.

Collaborating in a hybrid world

When global insurer Sompo Holdings Group was looking to enable remote working and switch to hot-desking for its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, upgrading mobile plans for its staff was on the cards.

Telstra International came up with a better proposition—one that builds cloud-based voice services into Sompo’s existing communication tools. We implemented Telstra Calling for Microsoft Teams (TCMT) across the Sompo Asia business, where users can make and receive calls directly from their laptop or mobile device wherever they are. 

With this solution, Sompo was able to eschew having additional infrastructure on premise and saved on call costs when compared to its previous telephony provider. To complete its vision of operating on a cloud-first strategy, Sompo can freely access Telstra Connect, an online central management portal where it can perform functions such as tracking its call activities and downloading reports for insights on its calling patterns.

Connecting global offices with fully managed, fully supported services

For British engineering company Renishaw, the ideal partner is one that can be its single supplier of communications for its entire business as it scales globally. And they found it in Telstra International, which has a truly global network with fast and reliable Global IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) service and flexible bandwidths.

With the help of Telstra’s strong network presence in the Asia Pacific region, Renishaw was able to connect its expanding business in the region, along with advantages of features such as many-to-many connectivity, low latency and improved bandwidths.

Besides lowered communications costs, Telstra’s Global IPVPN service as a fully managed solution with 24/7 support ticks all the right boxes for Renishaw. It has been able to focus its attention on its business and operating with peace of mind that its network is being looked after.

Uniting expertise on a global scale

If delivering simultaneous broadcasts of overlapping game matches from various locations worldwide is not challenging enough, WTA Media also found itself scaling production of game footage from 700 matches to over 2,500 matches in a single session.

It was clear that WTA Media needed a partner that has a high bandwidth with low latency on a global scale and expertise in all the systems of the broadcast industry.

To support WTA Media in delivering match footage across various mediums such as television, mobile and OTT, we leveraged our global infrastructure and broadcast media expertise to design and deploy a full suite of professional media solutions on a global scale. This meant synthetising different elements of expertise, including broadcast operation, field operations, a broadcast sales team and a media network based on fibre, in delivering our solution.

Besides enabling WTA Media to offer more live content delivered in higher quality and consistency, Telstra also integrated other unique features such as its NetCam camera to enhance viewing experiences, bringing innovative content to audiences around the world.

Innovation never rests

Telstra’s innovative and effective solutions are frequently recognised at international awards such as PTC Awards and Global Carrier Awards. We also operate a number of innovation centres and research labs, including Telstra Labs, that constantly push the envelope of next-generation technologies.

 Our latest acquisition of Digicel Pacific, the biggest mobile operator in the South Pacific, provides synergies and operational capability to grow our presence in the region, not just in network, but also in the satellite business.

More than having an advanced and resilient network, Telstra International has been a collaborative partner for over 4,000 global enterprises, blending our highly qualified expertise and alliances with technology and specialist solution providers to provide the right solutions for our customers. With our customer-focussed service and innovation-centric solutions, we empower enterprises with the value and opportunities to leapfrog in their digital transformation journey.

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