Ensuring Long-term Business Success with a Trusted Partner

· 28 August 2023 · 3 minute read

As an organisation with a long history of operating internationally, Telstra has been carefully building trust through the years. Trust is one of the four cornerstones—next to service, solutions, and partnership—of how we work with our customers and empower them to thrive in today’s changing market environment. At Telstra International, these are what we work on that build the faith our customers have in us: ability, co-creation, and credibility.  

Trust creates value

With our carrier leadership status in APAC and having expertise across a suite of solution verticals, Telstra International has the competency to be regarded as a leader among technology providers. We also continue to invest heavily in the scale and performance of our network. We believe in working closely with our customers to create mutual value, no matter which stage the business relationship is in. Our credibility is further built as our customers witness the integrity and reliability of our services, supported and delivered through our value attributes of service, solutions, partnership, and trust. Co-creation with our customers is part of the service process that we take pride in as we create mutual value together. When we communicate openly and engage flexibly with our customers, there is a deeper understanding of how we can collaborate. This further builds trust as customers experience and value the proactive management and performance of our solutions and our continuous recommendations for them.

Reciprocity in performance and trust

We exemplify this in our collaborations with Linode, an alternative cloud provider, and Evolution Wellness, owner and operator of a network of health brands. In Linode’s case, we supported the cloud provider’s growth into new markets by working with them to design a future-proofed network with multiple diverse point-to-point private lines. Telstra’s relationship with Linode started in 2015 by providing fast, robust and reliable fibre connectivity for its growth markets. As Linode scaled its business, Telstra helped to enhance the performance and flexibility of its cloud offerings, our adaptable software-defined networking solution, alongside colocation and IP transit. Through co-creation of solutions with Linode, the relationship developed into a multi-region, multi-service partnership.

Open communication in co-creation

Evolution Wellness’s aspiration to improve its supply chain management and employees’ experience without breaking the bank was realised through another co-creation and to truly understand the customer’s needs and objectives. Working with the operator’s procurement teams and property managers, we built an enhanced inventory management application with the operator’s existing Office365 subscription. As we improved the visibility and management of its equipment stock—which led to better user experience for its employees—we gained further credibility with Evolution Wellness’s teams and owners.

Building multi-stakeholder trust with undersea cable recovery

As a leading connectivity provider in Asia Pacific with over 400,000 km of undersea cables, environmental conservation has always been at the front of our mind. Despite the challenges, risks and cost, Telstra continues to be part of a growing movement to pull up retired cables and recycle them for their valuable components, mainly copper, steel, and polyethylene. We are also a long-term member of the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) and the SubOptic Association, with whom we work to ensure multiple, diverse stakeholders’ concerns are addressed while protecting precious marine ecosystems.

A foundation of strong corporate governance and accountability

Beyond the environment, we are also committed to our environment, social and governance (ESG) goals. We offer a diverse and inclusive workplace, with a focus on increasing the representation of women in our workforce, as well as achieving high employee engagement scores that put us in the high performing range against global benchmarks. Through our Telstra Foundation, we work with the community to support digital inclusion and enable social change through technology. We recently held our inaugural global volunteering initiative where employees across our global offices gave their time to address real social issues in the local communities at our International Changemakers Week. Whether it’s a collaboration project or a service event, Telstra International builds trust by consistently doing what’s right over what is easy. We know that compassion and caring for beyond business objectives matters and we appreciate and strive to maintain the trust our stakeholders have in us.

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