Disability Action Plan - Telstra International

From this page, you can access our current and past. You can also review information on our key achievements over the past 40 years for Australians with disability.

We're proud to be a corporate leader in serving customers with disability and addressing barriers to accessibility and inclusion.

In 1996 we formalised commitments to ensure Australians with disability have access to communications, including to the latest technological advances, by becoming one of the first major Australian corporations to lodge a Disability Action Plan with the Australian Human Rights Commission. 

Our aspiration at Telstra is to build a connected future that is accessible to all Australians so that everyone can thrive.

This plan presents a collection of actions that we are doing as a business to encourage, recognise, and promote an active commitment to eliminating disability discrimination.

Telstra FY23-FY25 Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan

Download the latest PDFs or you can also view past Disability Action Plans in our Reports archive.

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We encourage organisations and individuals to provide feedback on this Plan and other Telstra accessibility matters