Global Media Network

Deliver global content with Telstra Media Networks

Our networks are managed by a global broadcast operations team to help ensure delivery with unmatched reliability and visibility.

Robust high capacity networks delivering content globally

Reach partners and audiences with engaging content experiences across the globe via Telstra’s high capacity media networks. Our technology and expertise can help you optimise your operations and generate efficiencies without sacrificing performance.

Discover our media network solutions

Major Events & Tours

High-value live sports delivered to rights-holders and audiences around the globe.

International Remote Production

Live content transported from global venues to remote production facilities.

Next Gen Linear Distribution

Distribute International permanent and occasional-use channels to audiences around the globe.

Occasional Use Media Delivery

Adhoc delivery of time sensitive, high value, media content using the best available path and technology.

Explore our customized media network platforms

Special Events Network

Telstra provides a managed solution, with dedicated on-site and remote support, all with rapid deployment so that you can produce a world class special event.

Global Media Network

Let the Telstra Global Media Network connect you to major global markets and rights-holders.

Internet Delivery Network

Telstra’s Internet Delivery Network is a software-based content delivery platform designed to enable high quality video delivery and control of live broadcast stream to any Telstra-registered destination point, across the public internet.

Why Telstra?

Customisable global networks

Media networks with scalable bandwidths designed to build an end-to-end media solution. These include the Telstra Global Media Network. Telstra Special Events Network, and the Telstra Internet Delivery Network.

Broadcast Expertise

Telstra Broadcast Services brings to our customers a dedicated team of media industry professionals, high performance media networks, online video and cloud platforms, satellite services, and 24/7 bookings, operations and engineering support.

Technology investments to lead strategic innovation

Benefit from our ongoing strategic network and technology investments, which has seen us provide global remote production and cloud delivery.

Extensive, fast and reliable network

Connect onto a low-latency fibre network spanning 400,000 km across the globe with access to strategically placed teleports.

Getting started

Wanting more information about our media networks or need support for your existing ones? Get in touch with our teams today to find out more.