Australia Broadcast Media Networks

Connecting enterprises to the Australian broadcast community

Access the largest media networks in Australia for better ways to distribute and contribute content.

Explore our Australian media network capabilities

Our professional video and data transport network connect broadcasters, venues and major media sites with in-built redundancy managed by broadcast experts. Our team customise the right blend of media networks for live or linear distribution with our flexible capabilities, remote production and occasional use services.


Video, audio and data carriage between permanent production hubs.


Carriage of emission ready media to permanent transmission and online distribution platforms.


On-demand exchange of video and audio between stadiums, broadcaster centres and media production hubs.

Remote Production

On-demand connectivity supporting live television production of major events in a facility remote to the event venue.

Why Telstra

Customisable networks

Media networks with scalable bandwidths designed to build an end-to-end media solution. These include the Professional Media Network and the Distributed Production Network.

Broadcast expertise

Telstra Broadcast Services provides a dedicated team of media industry professionals, high performance media networks, online video and cloud platforms, satellite services, and 24/7 bookings, operations and engineering support.

Technology investment and strategic innovation

We have committed to a roadmap of ongoing innovation to help meet your needs now and in the future.

Scale and flexibility

We can respond to your changing demands as we deliver more than 20,000 occasional use live transmission bookings annually.

Getting started with Australian Media Networks

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