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A life-size, high definition experience.

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With Telstra Global Telepresence, from your own conference room, you can see and interact with clients and colleagues from across the globe as if you were in the same room, but without the associated travel time and costs, The true-to-life quality and exacting details of our Global Telepresence service allows you to observe every visual nuance of participants; enabling the clear understanding, collaboration and fast decision making of an in-person meeting.

Deployed on best-of-breed Cisco TelePresence™ products, our high-definition video conferencing service offers global availability through Telstra Global's high-capacity, high-availability IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN). Our superior network performance and service ensures a reliable connection, and high definition screens, projecting true-colour, life-size images of participants, bring together the immersive experience and benefits of meeting face-to-face at the same table.


Increases productivity

Office Locations

Telstra Global has offices in key locations throughout Asia, Australia, UK and US

Telstra Global TelePresence allows you to increase productivity by eliminating travel time for face-to-face meetings, whilst maintaining effective collaboration.

Easy to use one-click to start meeting

Join a scheduled meeting with just a touch of a button.


Telstra Global has over 1,000 employees worldwide.

Enhanced, immersive experience

IP Backbone

Telstra Global has one of the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in the world.

Whether you are using multi-screen or a single screen system, participants enjoy a life-size interaction that creates the immersive experience of meeting face to face.

Reduce travelling time & cost

With no need to travel to meetings, managing a global team is made more efficient and the ability to collaborate with people across the globe more accessible. At the same time, travel costs for your organisation can be significantly reduced.


  • International coverage
  • Diverse range of hardware options
  • Flexible design solution
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook® and Lotus Notes® calendars
  • Flexible payment options

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